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Rooftop solar system


solar power solution

Household photovoltaic systems are solar power systems installed on buildings to provide clean, sustainable electricity for buildings, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Large power solar system

Commercial & industrial​

solar power solution

Commercial and industrial photovoltaic systems are solar power systems installed in the commercial and industrial sectors to provide sustainable, clean electricity to businesses, reduce energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Independent solar system

Stand Alone

solar power solution

Stand alone off-grid PV systems provide reliable electricity to islands without access to the grid, reducing reliance on expensive fossil fuels, contributing to environmental sustainability, and enhancing the quality of life and economic growth of island communities.

Large scale energy storage

ESS Container

energy storage system

Container energy storage is a solution that applies energy storage technology to containers, enabling the storage and release of energy through the integration of energy storage devices inside the container.


Professional Customized Solutions

Kingbat can customize a complete set of reasonable andcomplete solar system configuration solutions that meet customer expectations according to customer needs such as power consumption, load type, and load power, etc., to help customers save energy and reduce electricity bills.

Rich experience

Rich experience in developing and supporting residential off-grid, hybrid solar systems, and largescale industrial and commercial energy storage solar systems.

Perfect after-sales guarantee

We are also a certified enterprise of Alibaba gold supplier and have a good after-sales guarantee.

Lower price, higher quality

Because of our long-term accumulation of rich product resources, it is more helpful to match customers with solar energy products with lower prices and higher quality.

Excellent production capacity

Kingbat new energy mainly specialized in solar energy products, covering areas including the R&D and production of photovoltaic modules and off-grid inverters.

Some Brands we work with

Kingbat maintains long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many brands. Our partner manufacturers can provide the vast majority of photovoltaic-related products, including photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic inverters, batteries, container energy storage, etc.

Case Studies

2.2MW / 2.88MWh off grid industrial solar system

Commercial & Industrial

1MW / 1.344MWh residential hybrid solar system

Commercial & Industrial

500kW / 1MWh off grid industry solar system

Commercial & Industrial

30kW / 28.8kWh Household Solar Energy System


15kW on grid home solar power system


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