Kingbat Solar

To date, Kingbat has our own photovoltaic panel and inverter factory, which can reduce costs and improve quality for you.
We also have a well-established supply chain and have long-term relationships with several brands.

Solar Inverter

The main advantageous products include small household inverter control integrated off-grid inverter, high-power power frequency off-grid inverter. And the power range can be from 10kw to 160Kw, also very good at standard three-phase 380V and American standard three-phase 220V or split-phase, dual output customization Voltage.

What we can provide?

Professional solutions

Kingbat can customize a complete set of reasonable and complete solar system configuration solutions that meet customer expectations according to customer needs such as power consumption, load type and load power, etc., to help customers save energy and reduce electricity bills.

Lower price, higher quality

Because of our long-term accumulation of rich product resources, it is more helpful to match customers with solar energy products with lower prices and higher quality.


10+senior engineers with 10+ years of experience

At present, Kingbat is equipped with a national leading technical team, more than 10 senior engineers, most of whom have been engaged in the electronics industry for more than 10 years.


6000 square meters of factory

And also has nearly 6,000 square meters of standard production plants and advanced research and development, testing, and production equipment.


Complete quality control process

Strict quality control is carried out in important processes such as production, processing, assembly and testing, and is committed to providing users with high quality, reliable and cost-effective inverters.


Accumulatively sold more than 9GW of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules worldwide


Developed and constructed more than 500MW of photovoltaic power station projects


With an annual production capacity of 1.5GW

Product resource integration

At present, we have integrated domestic Tier 1 brand photovoltaic modules and hybrid inverter, grid-tie inverter product suppliers, and has maintained a long-term good cooperative relationship with these factory.

Let’s Make Things Happen

The Kingbat team of sales consultants will continue to enrich our own expertise and experience to empower the development of sustainable energy with rigor

Kingbat CEO

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