Grid-independent solar system

Stand alone off-grid solar power system

Independent off-grid PV systems provide reliable electricity to islands without access to the grid, reducing reliance on expensive fossil fuels, contributing to environmental sustainability, and enhancing the quality of life and economic growth of island communities.

10kW 20kW 40kW 100kW 500kW 1MW 2MW 10MW 20MW…
for islands, rural areas, irrigation, agriculture, shed, areas away from the grid, farm, village, hydroponic system, greenhouse, garage, etc.


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Solar power plant design solution fitting in whole home rooftop.

We can draw up a placement plan for your stand-alone solar system based on your location on Google Maps or the drawings you provide. We also provide a circuit connection diagram for each of these solutions.

Stand-Alone Solution Examples

The Kingbat team has ample experience and examples of standalone PV system solutions and can quickly solve any PV related problems for you.



off grid solar system

Daily generating capacity: 141kWh
Stored power: 76.8kWh

Off Grid System


384V200Ah *1pc

Gel Battery

48kW Off Grid


Within 50kW

Resistive Load

460W *96pcs

Solar Panel

Within 16.7kW

Inductive Load


off grid solar system

Daily generating capacity: 316.8kWh
Stored power: 115.2kWh

Off Grid System


100Ah384V *3pcs

Gel Battery

100kW Off-Grid


Within 100kW

Resistive Load

550W *180pcs

Solar Panel

Within 33.3kW

Inductive Load


off grid solar system

Daily generating capacity: 633kWh
Stored power: 230.4kWh

Off Grid System


100Ah384V *6pcs

Gel Battery

200kW Off-Grid


Within 200kW

Resistive Load

660W *300pcs

Solar Panel

Within 66.7kW

Inductive Load

Reasons To Choose A Self Sufficient PV System

The island off grid PV system shows its strong advantages in many ways,
the three most important of which are listed below.

Saving on energy costs

Solar energy is a free source of energy, the PV system does not require fuel payments and has low operating costs. So although the initial investment in an off-grid PV system for an island is high, over time it can lead to considerable energy cost savings. Over the long term, significant reductions in energy costs can be achieved, saving islanders and businesses money on their energy bills.

Energy independence and reliability

Island off-grid PV systems enable islands to become self-sufficient in energy and not dependent on external electricity supplies. This increases energy independence and reliability, allowing the PV system to provide a stable supply of electricity to keep the island running even in the event of an interruption or failure of the external power supply.

Social impact and brand image

The adoption of an island off-grid PV system demonstrates the island community’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection. It helps to enhance the brand image and social impact of the island community, attracting tourists, investors and sustainability advocates.

Standalone Off-Grid

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